typology: suspension lamp – floor lamp
materials: brass, LED light, silicone
suspension lamp dimensions: 1000x13x13 mm (variable)
floor lamp dimensions: 850x13x13 mm (variable)
year: 2020



Due to the unusual lockdown period that subverted our established habits, we met in the studio with the few materials that we had been able to find in the world “before” (and some great hard rock albums). This context drove us to an extraordinarily limited design approach. With 3 basic elements, a thin brass tube typically used in lighting, a linear LED source and a flame we have therefore tried to push the material to its limit to fix it over time in all its beauty. The molten material expressed its formal power through stretches and swellings, generating contrasting landscapes as if it would explode in all its essence. We then inserted the linear light source into the void created by the melting process, to give the material a different role. HOWL is for us the echo of a silent scream, of something external to us and born from the desire to generate an emotion in a period of great complexity.